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Ventures Today

In the mission of bridging adept entrepreneurs and passionate investors across the globe!

Elite Global Solutions connects eager & enthusiastic entrepreneurs with like-minded investors, paving way for a long-term successful working relationship.
Join the robust global investment network!

For Entrepreneurs

Stay Ahead of the Competition!

Ventures Today is for those aspiring to take their business to great new heights.


Be it seasoned business or start-ups; we build a customized strategy for your business, which will drive accredited investors worldwide.

Become an VTPCP™ vetted business and drive in more investors.

1000+entrepreneurs 100+ Countries 30+ Industries

For Investors

Ventures Today serves as a trusted platform for angel investors and Venture Capitalists to collaborate with VTPCP™ certified dynamic small, medium and large enterprises at various stages including

• Concept stage • Startup phase
• Growth or expansion stage • Later stage

Become an VTPCP™ vetted investor and drive in more business opportunities.

500+Investors 100+ Countries 30+ Industries

Latest Investors

Davis Marilou
Location :United States
Intrested Sector : Internet, E commerce & Apps ...
Intrested Range : 80,000 USD - 120,000 USD
Intrested Country : India...
Evan Demarcus
Stage of the Business : Finished Product...
Location :France
Intrested Sector : Finance, Business & Law ...
Intrested Range : 10,000 USD - 30,000 USD
Intrested Country : Finland...
Blake Yandel
Location :Canada
Intrested Sector : Food & Beverage ...
Intrested Range : 100,000 USD - 5,000,000 USD
Intrested Country : Canada...

Latest Business Proposal

Gopa Kumar
Project Name : BPO Company
Stage of the business : Early stage/Pre start Up, R &D,
Location : India
Industry : IT/ITES, Software/ Hardware
Investment Required: 100,000 USD
Minimum Investment: 20,000 USD
Raichal Vagath
Stage of the business : Early stage/Pre start Up, R &D,
Location : India
Industry : Others
Investment Required: 60 USD
Minimum Investment: 35 USD
Vijay Anand
Stage of the business : Early stage/Pre start Up, R &D,
Location : India
Industry : Leisure,tourism & Hotels
Investment Required: 500,000 USD
Minimum Investment: 200,000 USD
Business Proposals
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